Burma post-colonial discourse on the text of the context



Burmans’ Accusation on Kachins, Pa-Yaw-Gah (instigation):
A Subaltern-hegemonic Reading
Postcolonial Discourse on the text of the Context

By the Kachin Research Group
Latest upadted on August 29, 2011


The on-going civil war between the military regime and the ethnic armed groups has been labeled today in various ways from respective grounds.  The root cause has been obvious due to the agenda behind the ruling regime’s constitutional legitimization of all ethnic armed groups under the single administration of the military chief of the ruling regime in the name of the Border Guard Force (BGF).

Yet on the account of the issue of civil war, the ethnic nationalities, both armed and political groups alike, have observed as the plot of ethnic-exclusion neglecting the federal principle of equal sharing of political power between the majority Burmans and the ethnic nationalities.  Rather, the Burmans’ offensive has played of a mere role of the ruling regime’s agent for its homogenized-Burmanization with military power instead.  Meanwhile, the international communities such as the West, the European Union, and the Asia, as individuals and groups, have rendered their realistic and suggestive positions on it by calling the ruling regime to be the initiator for the political talks with the ethnic nationalities for the implementation of the principle and order of the federal democracy and national reconciliation in Burma.

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