Don’t Use Kachin Symbols for Thingyan: Youth Groups

Don’t Use Kachin Symbols for Thingyan: Youth Groups

A state government official said he saw nothing wrong with using the symbols to promote Kachin culture.

Kachin youths released a joint statement on Wednesday expressing their displeasure with the use of ethnic Kachin symbols as part of a Thingyan display by the Kachin State government.

The statement, released by youth groups committed to preserving Kachin culture, said it was inappropriate to feature the Kachin flag, the Manaw post, or couples wearing traditional Kachin clothing as part of a display to celebrate the Buddhist New Year.

“We have to protect the culture and customs of the Kachin people,” the groups said in their statement.

However, a state government official said there was no need to remove the symbols of Kachin culture from the stage.

"This is Kachin State, so the Kachin State government uses Kachin symbols like the Manau post,” said Slg. Naw Li, who is in charge of the information department of the state government’s Kachin Culture Committee.

“Kachin couples wearing Kachin traditional dress are a symbol of ethnic unity,” he added. “We don't have any plan to remove these things from the stage.”

Speaking to KNG on Thursday, he said that he and other members of the government committee would discuss the matter with the state’s chief minister this evening.

Myitkyina Thingyan pavilion
"It's better to use [such symbols] to promote our Kachin traditions. Kachin youths can ask that they be used appropriately, but there is no need to block [their use] completely," Slg. Naw Hkung said.

The statement was released by the All Kachin Youth Union, the Kachin Literature and Culture Federation (Universities), and Kachin youths in Myitkyina, Bhamo and Hpakant townships.