Kachin Join Kadu Festival

Kachin join ethnic Kadu festival in Katha district in Sagaing division

Ethnic Kachin bonded with their Kadu brothers and sisters during an important three-day festival.

Hundreds of ethnic Kachin joined a traditional Kadu three-day festival (March 25-27) in central northwestern Myanmar to share culture and dance together. 

Sara Laru Gam Yaw, a leader of the Kachin Traditional Literature and Culture branch of Nam Si Awng village in Inndaw township, said it was very exciting to join the festival in in Katha district in Sagaing region.

"I carried a traditional Kachin knife and bag and felt so happy to participate in the event. We are like brothers." 

About 200 Kachin made it out to the festival that attracted about 20,000 people. Most were Kadu but Kanan and Shanni also joined the fun. 

"It's very important for this kind of traditional event to happen. We live in different places and so we are not united. Our objective with this festival is to increase unity among the different ethnic groups," said Maung Maung Aye, secretary of Kadu National organization.

Kadu, Kanan, and Kachin youth met for discussions to discuss problems Kadu face from assimilation. Although the government only recognizes about 15,000 Kadu there are believed to be about 150,000 in Myanmar. Kachin recognize Kadu and Kanan in Sagaing region as part of the same cultural lineage.