Hailstone Storm Strikes Kachin State

Um Hta church damaged by storm

Remote villages, only accessible by a three-day boat trip from Myitkyina, were affected by the freak storm.

A hailstone storm pounded Sumprabum township in Kachin State on Saturday evening at about 6 pm, damaging homes, churches and an internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp. Emergency assistance, plastic sheets and shelters are required.

As many as five shelters in Salang Yang IDP camp, located on the eastern bank of Mali Hka river, sustained damage.

"The office building and house of a pastor was damaged. Kitchen and rice storage units were also damaged by the storm," Rev. Sana Yaw, of the Kachin Baptist Church, told KNG.

A KBC church in Um Hta village was also damaged and an 80-year old woman injured during the storm.

Villages affected by the storm, only accessible by three-day boat trip from Myitkyina, hindered relief efforts.