Kachin Institute Opens Learning Center in Myitkyina

KDI's Learning Center opens in Myitkyina on Feb 5, 2019

The Kachin Democratic Institute (KDI) opened its first learning center in the state capital of Myitkyina on Tuesday.

The center marks KDI’s fourth anniversary, and its launch was attended by Kachin religious and political leaders and civil society representatives.

Dr. Hkan Naw, KDI’s director, said that the learning center will be primarily used as a facility to educate youth leaders, as well as a platform for Kachin people to explore solutions to political and rights issues.

"We will have a youth empowerment program. We will train our youth to shape our future. We will teach them economics, politics, etc. We will work together,” he told Kachin News Group.

KDI was formed in 2015 and previously delivered trainings on democracy and federalism throughout northern Kachin State.

Last year, KDI published a draft of the Kachin State federal constitution in Burmese and formed the Kachin State Federal Constitution Drafting Committee