Missing villager of Lung Sha Yang after arresting Burma army

Burma soldiers on Kambaiti road in eastern Kachin State

Wadu Hkun Awng, a father of five from Lung Sha Yang village, Sumprabum township in northern Kachin State of Burma was arrested by Burma Army’s Light Infantry Battalion LIB (423) and have no information about him since then.

Roi Seng, his wife said that on 10th March her husband accompanied his friend to Sumpyi Yang Village and on return journal he was arrested between Masum Zup and Htang Hka village by LIB (423) personnel, according to family members.

Since then his information has been not available.

About 20 to 50 villagers from Lung Sha Yang had tried to find the remain of Wadu Hkun Awng but could not find, said his wife.
They assumed that he was dead and were preparing for his memorial service.

Similar incidence had happened to Nhkum Dauje Naw San, 35 and Hpaugan Yaw, 65 from Mai Hkawng village KBC (Kachin Baptist Convention) IDP camp-1, Mansi township in Bhamo district in southern Kachin State were arrested by LIB (319) on 31st January and their remains were found on 8th March, 2018.