Kachin political party alliance to meet EU diplomats as war continues

Dr. Kawn La of KNC leader (L), Duwa Gumgrawng Awng Hkam of KDP leader and Dr. Manam Tu Ja of KSDP leader (R) at KPCC meeting in Majoi Gawknu hall in Myitkyina, Feb. 20.

The leadership of the Kachin Political Party Coordinating Committee, KPCC, a body tasked with negotiating the merging of three Kachin political parties, will later today hold a meeting with a group of European Union (EU) ambassadors in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State.

The meeting will take place while heavy fighting between the Burma army, known as the Tatmadaw, continues in Burma's far north.

The meeting will be held at the Majoi Gawknu hall in Kachin National Manau Park this afternoon between 17 ambassadors from the EU and party leaders from three Kachin parties in KPCC--- Kachin State Democracy Party (KSDP), Kachin Democratic Party (KDP) and Kachin National Congress (KNC), according to KPCC.

Dr. Manam Tu Ja, the head of the KSDP tells the Kachin News Group that the talks will be focused on updating the EU about the ongoing unification efforts of the Kachin political parties, party policy and future plans for the soon to be formed party.

The Kachin political parties are also very concerned about the plight of people displaced by the ongoing conflict, which resumed in June 2011, following the collapse of a 17-year ceasefire. Humanitarian relief organizations and UN agencies, have seen much of their relief efforts in Kachin state curtailed by government restrictions.

On January 13th, an MOU was signed paving the way for the eventual merging of the three parties in the KPCC. The proposed name for the united party is the Kachin National Congress Party (KNCP). The parties will not officially combine until a planned public meeting on March 31.

Dr. Tu Ja's party is currently the only party in the alliance that won seats in the 2015 election. Increasing the number of seats for the soon to be formed Kachin party in the 2020 election and avoiding vote splitting, are major priorities for the KPCC and helped spur the unification talks.