Hpakant road closed for 3 hours after Burma army’s artillery fire

The Mogaung-Kamaing road, a portion of the major road to the Hpakant jade mine in Burma’s northern Kachin State, was closed yesterday for three hours following Burma army’s artillery fire.

At least twice artillery fires were made about 11am local time by Burmese army post in Gauri village targeting Ga Matep, where the government forces were occasionally attacked by the Kachin Independence Army, KIA Battalion 6 last year.

At 12pm, Burmese army blocked the route between Mogaung and Kamaing at its military gate, eight miles from Mogaung however the road was reopened at 3pm, according to travellers.

The military tensions have been emerged in Hpakant jade mine following Burma army troops and the KIA Battalion 6 clashed on May 9, last week in the upstream of Uru River in the jade mine.