Kachin IDP Camps Damaged by Strong Winds Still Without Aid

Bumtsit Pa IDPs camp

Camps for displaced Kachin refugees located along the Chinese border that were damaged by strong winds on 19 April have not yet received badly needed supplies to rebuild damaged shelters and other buildings.

Eight IDP camps Hpre, Masat Shadaw 6, Masat Shadaw 8, Zai Awng, Maga Yang, Pa Jau, Lana Zup, and Bumtsit Pa camps, were affected by the strong winds. Apart from family shelters in the camps schools, school dormitories, committee offices and other structures like toilets were damaged by the wind storm.

The Maijayang IDP camp’s superintendent, Bawk Naw, said his camp was hit the hardest with the wind destroying 260 household shelters.

He said: “We have submitted to the NGOs who have built these schools. We have also submitted to the KIO’s IDP Relief Committee, and the IRC [International Rescue Committee], but we still haven’t received any answers yet.”

Maijayang, Bumtsit Pa and Masat Shhadaw 8 IDP camps all suffered heavy damage.

The Sadon Township Women's Organising Committee secretary Daw Jan Roi Seng said the refugees have been repairing the damaged schools and homes by themselves at the Zai Awng IDP Camp as they still have not yet received any aid.

She said: “We have to leave the damaged schools. Tools and materials inside the schools have been very damaged. For some houses that can be repaired, the villagers worked together to repair the roofs and the residents have to make themselves comfortable. Some IDPs couldn’t find the iron sheets for their roofs as they had been blown away so they have to live in their neighbours’ homes."

Reached for comment, Zau Raw, the secretary of the the KIO’s IDP Relief Committee, told the Kachin News Grop that the organisation has been trying its best to provide aid to the IDP camp residents who have been affected by the strong winds.

He added that local organisations and NGOs have also been holding discussing about how to provide assistance to the IDP camps.

Over 100,000 Kachin people have been living in refugee camps since fighting resumed between the Burma Army and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in June 2011.

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