3 villagers killed in fighting in Kachin state's Mansi township

Burmese soldiers

Three villagers were killed by fighting in Mai Hkawng village, in eastern Kachin state's Mansi township, on the afternoon of Wednesday September 23rd at 5:30 PM, the Kachin News Group has learned.

Two more civilians were injured by the fighting between government forces and troops from the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO). Fighting flared up again in Mansi township last week and has displaced more than 250 people, aid workers say.

The total number of people displaced includes 140 civilians living between Mai Hkawng and Nam Lim Pa who were forced to flee after the fighting began on Sunday. This is a particularly difficult time for villagers to flee, most of whom are small scale farmers, as late September they are busy tending to their rice and other crops.

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