Title Created Date
Five Burmese troops killed by KIA bomb attack 26 July 2012
Earthquake destroys buildings near Indawgyi Lake 26 July 2012
Villagers forced off their land by businessmen 26 July 2012
Brang Shawng's judge warns his lawyer not to share information 25 July 2012
Kachin refugees worry Chinese authorities will force them move 24 July 2012
Kachin children sick with flu in Chinese refugee camp 23 July 2012
Heavy rain is causing flooding in Hpakant 21 July 2012
Putao residents suffering from food shortages 21 July 2012
Kachin man still missing after being arrested by Burmese military 20 July 2012
Kachin Peace Network says crisis accommodation in China side IDP Camp 19 July 2012
Draft law on gem work in Kachin state completed 18 July 2012
Military intelligence officer claims Brang Shawng wasn't tortured 17 July 2012
Chinese authorities allow Nongdao Kachin IDPs to continue to stay 16 July 2012
Military intelligence officer absent during Brang Shawng court proceedings 12 July 2012
No money available for Kachin language curriculum translation for primary school 12 July 2012
Lahtaw Brang Shawng forced to confess to bombing charges 10 July 2012
Chinese company tries to gain the support of locals to restart Myitsone dam project 05 July 2012
Judge halts Brang Shawng case, following arbitrary arrest 05 July 2012
Burmese government continue to arrest IDPs fleeing from conflict areas 25 June 2012
Detained Kachin IDPs forced to pay for their food 22 June 2012
Burmese military close Stilwell Road 19 June 2012
Police arrest refugees in Mogaung township in Kachin state 18 June 2012
Farmers in Kachin State suffer from decreased paddy prices 15 June 2012
More Kachin civilians flee to KIO controlled area 15 June 2012
Kachin youth group give health education workshops in IDPs camps 14 June 2012
Burmese troops shell in Hpakant, killing one and injuring six 14 June 2012
Kachin youth mark one year of Conflict with Prayer service 14 June 2012
Kachin Peace Network held service for the one-year anniversary of Kachin conflict 12 June 2012
Transportation fares triple in Hpakant 12 June 2012
Kachin demonstrate in New Delhi 09 June 2012