Title Created Date
Burma army uses cluster bombs to take key KIO position near Laiza 26 January 2013
30 Tatmadaw soldiers die in Kachin jade district 26 January 2013
Aung San Suu Kyi urges Kachin refugee women to endure, avoids criticizing army 23 January 2013
Kachin in Thailand hold mass demonstration for peace 25 January 2013
Ban Ki-moon hails Kachin “ceasefire” as fighting continues 21 January 2013
Despite Kachin “ceasefire” fighting continues 19 January 2013
Kachin civil society groups urges Suu Kyi condemn army abuses 17 January 2013
Pro Thein Sein think tank blames KIO for conflict 16 January 2013
Burma army soldiers kill three civilians on Putao road 15 January 2013
Burma army planes attack KIO positions near rebel capital 28 December 2012
12 Burma army soldiers die in two clashes with KIA in Waingmaw 19 December 2012
KIA forces raid police station in Hpakant 18 December 2012
KIO attack seriously damages Burma Army helicopter 17 December 2012
KIO captures 7 government soliders after fighting at Lajayang 15 December 2012
Fierce fighting between Burma army and KIO resumes at Lajayang 14 December 2012
Swedish minister says weapons found in Kachin state came via India 14 December 2012
Burma army sends fresh troops to Indian border in fight against KIO 13 December 2012
Burma army using Swedish made weapons in Kachin conflict 12 December 2012
KIO retakes post in Pangwa area from Burma army 11 December 2012
Chinese firms still pillaging Kachin forests report reveals 10 December 2012
Global think tank honors Thein Sein, ignores Kachin state war crimes allegations 08 December 2012
UN calls for access to Kachin refugees in KIO area 07 December 2012
Kachin refugee camp burned down by Burma Army 29 November 2012
Burma army artillery expert dies in Hpakant accident 28 November 2012
UN assembly concerned about Kachin conflict and Rohingya 27 November 2012
Kachin warlord turned Burma MP arms BGF troops at ceremony 26 November 2012
Kachin chief minister's critics arrested 26 November 2012
US Congressman: Army atrocities in Kachin state could be war crimes 22 November 2012
Activists urge Obama to end funding for sham Kachin tiger reserve 20 November 2012
Nov. 19 UNA Open Letter to President Obama 19 November 2012