Title Created Date
Nov. 19 UNA Open Letter to President Obama 19 November 2012
Obama's Burma visit overshadows army's continued war crimes in Kachin state 18 November 2012
Nov. 15 Kachin letter to President Obama 16 November 2012
Ex-NLD MP urges Obama to skip Burma visit citing Kachin conflict 14 November 2012
7 Burma army soldiers die in two separate clashes with KIA 13 November 2012
Burma Army solider accused of raping Kachin woman 09 November 2012
Burma army sends scores of reinforcements to Kachin State 08 November 2012
Burma army major, 7 soldiers die in battle with KIA in Shan State 06 November 2012
Kachin youth hold peace conference 05 November 2012
Burma govt still refuses KIO request for Panglong related dialogue 03 November 2012
Burma army shelling injures 3 boys in Kachin state 02 November 2012
Rapporteur calls for UN access to IDP in Kachin State 26 October 2012
Burma army troops steal from Kachin villagers 23 October 2012
KIO peace talks on hold for now 22 October 2012
Entire population of Kachin village flees after Burma army moves in 22 October 2012
Burma army shoots child inside Chinese refugee camp 19 October 2012
Burma Army shelling kills three Kachin civilians in Hpakant 18 October 2012
Argument between Burma army officers turns deadly in N.Shan State 17 October 2012
More Burma army forces fall in battle in jade rich Hpakant 10 October 2012
KIA says 211 army soldiers die in two-month fighting in Hpakant 10 October 2012
3 Burma soldiers die after clash with KIA in Shan state 09 October 2012
Thein Sein denies claims of army abuses in Kachin state 08 October 2012
Rights group calls charges to be dropped against Kachin peace protesters 05 October 2012
KIA trains Arakanese recruits 02 October 2012
Activists demand justice for abducted Kachin women 01 October 2012
Kachin exiles condemn Suu Kyi's silence on conflict 27 September 2012
KNO urges UN action on Kachin conflict 25 September 2012
Accused KIO member Brawng Shawng faces hostile court 24 September 2012
Time for Thein Sein to come clean about Burmese losses in Kachin state 22 September 2012