Title Created Date
UN's Nambiar fails to help Kachin trapped by army 25 October 2013
Burma army attacks IDP camps as offensive continues in southern Kachin state 25 October 2013
Burma army traps 700 Kachin civilians in church for three days 24 October 2013
Clashes between KIA and Burma army continues in Mabein and Mansi 24 October 2013
KIO withdraws two posts in Burma's northern Shan state 22 October 2013
Burma Army implicated in torture of Kachin pastor 21 October 2013
3 injured, Burma Army retreats following clash in Mabein 17 October 2013
Burma Army and KIA clash in Mabein township 16 October 2013
Burma's Kachin talks end without full ceasefire agreement 10 October 2013
KIO talks proceed as Burma army jets fly low over Myitkyina 10 October 2013
Aung Min down plays recent Kachin clashes as Burma army sends more troops 09 October 2013
KIO's convoy arrives in Myitkyina for talks 07 October 2013
Smoke from shells makes KIO troops sick in Shan state 07 October 2013
Burma army officer not beheaded by KIO say villagers 04 October 2013
Burma army kills Kachin civilians in Putao district as others barred from fleeing 03 October 2013
Fever spreads in Burma's Kachin IDP camp 01 October 2013
Military sends more troops and supplies to northern Kachin state 27 September 2013
New Kachin political party files with election commission 24 September 2013
Tay Za funds Kachin mountain expedition as IDP suffer nearby 23 September 2013
Burmese soldiers confiscated church alms during Nhka Ga interrogation 20 September 2013
Burma army official admits interrogation of Rev. Ram Mai 19 September 2013
KIO meets with Burmese gov negotiators amid rise in fighting 18 September 2013
Second round of UN aid reaches IDPs in Laiza 18 September 2013
Burma army sends more troops to Pangwa 17 September 2013
Burma army shells KIA position on Myitkyina-Bhamo highway 17 September 2013
Burma army troops assault Kachin pastor in Putao 16 September 2013
Burmese billionaire Tay Za wants 600,000 acres in Putao for gold project 12 September 2013
Villagers flee as fighting continues in southern Kachin state 11 September 2013
Burma govt and KIO battle in southern Kachin state 10 September 2013
Burmese authorities block evacuating Kachin war refugees 07 September 2013