Junta forcibly sets up polling stations

The Burmese military junta in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State is forcibly setting up polling stations and making people shift, a source said.

The authorities are setting up polling stations in schools and other places where people usually gather. The polling stations are being set up for people to vote in the May 10 referendum to approve the national constitution.

"The authorities have ordered shifting of small roadside shops in Thidar quarter, beside the Myitkyina hospital to construct the polling station," said a resident. "Mostly government servants live in Thidar and the small market remains open at night," a resident added.

On the other hand, the authorities have allowed residents to cast votes in advance with the copy of the national identity card. Now voters who planned to cast the "No" note are worried.

Meanwhile, guards at the polling station have been making rounds of the town, an eyewitness said.