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List of Kachin Ceasefire Groups

List of Kachin Ceasefire Groups in Northern Burma

 NO Name Leader Man Power
 Date of Establishment
 Signed Ceasefire Agreement
Based Area
 1 KIO/KIA Lanyaw Zawng Hra

 6,000 -

 7,000 (1990 figure)

 February 5, 1961
 February 24,1994Laisin Bum was headquarters of KIO/KIA before 1994 but now it has moved to Laiza on Sino-Burma border in eastern Kachin State. KIO/KIA also base northeast Shan State Strongest Kachin insurgent.
 2 NDA-K Zahkung Ting Ying
 About 800
 1968 December 15, 1989Pangwah is headquarters and it bases along the areas between Pangwah and Kambaiti Passes on Sino-Burma border in eastern Kachin State. The group was former KIO/KIA’s 3rd Brigade and become CPB's Army Division No. 101.  The leader was Zahkung Ting Ying.
 3 KDA Mahtu Naw
 About 800
 1990 January 13, 1991
Kawnghka is headquarters close to Kutkai in northeast Shan State.  It bases around Kutkai. The group was former KIO/KIA’s 4th Brigade and the leader Mahtu Naw was Brigade commander.
 4 Lasang Awng Wa Ceasefire Group Lasang Awng Wa
 About 300
 January 4,  2004
The group split from mother KIO/KIA.Its headquarters is based in Lawayang near N'jang Yang in Kachin State.
The leader Lasang Awng Wa was former KIO/KIA’s Chief of Kachin National Security Department and a military intelligence.
 5 RRF Tanggu Dang (Ahdang)  Over 100
 Earlier 2006
The group split from NDA-K
Its headquarters is based in Shinghkong in Hkawnglanghpu in Putao district in northern Kachin State.The pro-junta and native Rawang militia group was formed with the help of the junta's Northern Command commander Maj-Gen Ohn Myint.

1. KIO = Kachin Independence Organization

2. KIA= Kachin Independence Army

3. NDA-K= New Democratic Army-Kachin

4. KDA= Kachin Defense Army

5. CPB= Communist Party of Burma

6. RRF= Rebellion Resistance Force (Rawang militia)      

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