Police burn 2,000 snakes in Myitkyina, Burma

The police killed all the snakes on the seized six-wheel Hino truck by setting them on fire. Over 2,000 snakes were being transported for export to China along the Sino-Burma border in Kachin state in northern Burma, said local sources.

The truck was seized at Kawng Ra block in Shatapru quarter in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin state this morning and was carrying over 2,000 snakes in more than 200 wooden crates, said residents of Shatapru.

The reptiles were being exported to China where consumer demand for all varieties of wild animals as food items is high. Some are treated as delicacies and considered a gourmet's delight.

All the wooden crates containing the snakes were unloaded from the truck by policemen from No. 1 Police Station in the township. Unable to beat each snake to death the police poured gasoline and burnt them up instead of releasing the snakes into the jungles in a gross travesty of justice to the poor reptiles, said a local eyewitness.

The truck mainly carried three types of snakes--- vipers, cobras and Boa Constrictors which were trapped from Mandalay division and Kachin state, said sources close to policemen who seized the reptile carrying truck.

The truck was taken to the township's No. 1 Police Station. However the truck driver escaped and the truck owner has not been identified, according to sources close to the police station.

Last night the truck had tried to cross the Balaminhtin Bridge in Irrawaddy River also called Mali Hka in Kachin near Myitkyina Township but the plan failed and it was seized this morning by local special branch policemen.

Thousands of snakes on the truck were being transported to the China border along the Myitkyina-Laiza road east of Kachin state, said local sources.
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