Civil Independence in jeopardy under junta rule

Having faced the global economic recession encountered worldwide except in some countries like China, Brazil, etc., ever since the era of the Great Depression in 1930 in the western world, the bell for the 61st anniversary of the Independence of the Union of Burma has rung once again.

Apparently the celebration is being well orchestrated under a single order of thought and voice of the ruling junta without the spirit of performance of the minds of the freedom of the people.  In such a way that many items of performance and in honour of the day has been announced by articles, poems and joyous games, messages and so on and so forth particularly in the capital of Rangoon and even the extent of the entire country.

Whereas it has been the prime time to re-examine such celebration so far as citizens of this soil are concerned without an excuse as usual how or whether the Independence anniversary has been celebrated on the soil under the bond principle of the norm of Union of Burma or Unitary one under this regime so far. In this it will be seen that how the masters of the Union of Burma have been totally insulted not to be entertained the principle of civil independence than that of regime's egoistic redesigning of it for their sake.

The truth of civil Independence manipulated by dependent junta today

So far as the attainment of Union in this soil is concerned it has neither intended to be such an Independence for any particular group, any state, any majority or ethnicity whether Burmese or ethnics as such in a sense of partiality by the time for the fact that our forefathers fought for and attained it from those dictators the Britishers.

Of course, the Burmese has been saying and disclosing as being the majority in the land, recompiles self-exalting history of the struggle for independence totally neglecting and denying plainly the historical role of ethnics in the hallmark process of fighting for it instead.

Indeed, the history is the fact that can't be misinterpreted. It is, it will be since whatever history of human civilization or formation of one's nation, there is unprecedented hallmark as witnesses in one form or the other, somewhere or the other, so to say one way or the other. Therefore the reality or the true history will be never be eradicated with just simply the act of killing, by holocaust or annihilating of variant forms upon a certain nation.

Because it speaks always, it leads always, it reminds always. Eventually, the reality of Independence of Burma has risen in this soil not because the regime has been laboured most for it or the majority of Burmese has only been noteworthy to be owned under the leadership of General Aung San killed by General Ne Win, or the sacrificial service of ethnicities. No, it has been more than those facts inscribed in our history, minds, concepts, in our minds my fellow citizens.

Consequently rather and in fact, it has been a move of global wave of definition of human social-political enterprises to live rightly, justly, freely, of coursed embodied in the terminology of democracy. Don't just simply think that Burmese alone are strong enough, the regime alone is strong enough, the ethnicity of Burma are strong enough to keep maintain such powerful principled wave of democracy today despising the reality, truth, peace, justice, freedom politics of this world.

Thus, the regime has to reckon and realize that how long the truth of Union Independence will be tolerated your threat of disintegration of the Union Independence. By the time the truth of Independence erected on this soil with the spirit of truth, justice, equality, right retaliated for you, you will be certainly swept off in such mega wave as those victims of Nargis and Tsunami did.  

It has been odd trusting independence when you the regime has not been independent but depends only upon your Burmanization policy, sovereignty of regime in perpetuity.  Whereas you are torturing, killing, annihilating, imprisoning those who really independent being performed in deeds, thought for recapitulation and revitalization of the spirit of Union Independence in Burma at the current stage.

The regime's upside down compliance of Independence exclusively for them alone

Today, the value of independence has been dismantled into pieces by pieces along with the nucleus power of the spirit of independence really and naturally deserved by its citizens.

Obviously rather fundamentally the genuine independence of civilized world has been a substantial power to entertain all sorts of social-economic- political stability and prosperity and solemnity in the history of humankind wherever there are in.

Whereas as felt the 61st anniversary of Independence in Burma the superstitious pseudo interpretation of our independence has been indoctrinated in such a way that the regime wanted. Here are excerpts of the regime's independence based on that key message, articles and the politicized regime's paper based news.

First, Burma's ridiculous racism of neo-Fascism and Nazism for the complete dominion and subjugation upon its fellow co citizens are sorely publicized once again. This policy of master plot has been exercised through the use of military power in order to stand up as one Burmese nation, one Burmese language group, one Buddhist religion, one Burmese race in the world for the columnist by name Kyae Zin Naing in both "the Mirror and The New Light of Myanmar" in Burmese on January 3, 2009. In fact, it has been completely contrary to the principle of Union Independence where our forefathers were bonded together, but now on unitary one has been harshly threatened.

Independence must have equally treated not on the basis of any particular group whether majority or any other, but on account of such dimension of dignity, identity, and prosperity and the benefit of all citizens.  So far, the more civilized world concern for ones' citizens, the more abrogation in all aspects towards all level of citizens committed in Burma in and under a ruling regime.

Second, "safeguard independence and sovereignty for perpetuity" is key slogan for the time independence propagated Si Tu Aung in the junta-run 'The New Light of Myanmar' on January 4, 2009. Of course as usual he started it with how Burma fought and achieved it from Britishers, the colonists.  In a sense, having begun with ally of hate-ism , it has been self exalted of being Burma; in struggle of keeping its independence in collaboration till today as citizens, a regime and its ends up how a ruling junta has been processing a nationwide projects of developments so as for the benevolence of all citizens as the fruit of independence. Yet how such mere infrastructural and developmental projects could replace then dire thirst and hunger of the real fruit of Independence; security, prosperity and human right exercise lost for. Not at all.

There is no country which builds one's civilized society with a mere sky crafted infrastructure and development facilities to be a safeguard of one's independence and sovereignty of its nation. Rather it has to be fought for safeguard and sovereignty of the Independence of the role of the people of this land.

Even in his key note of Independence message the junta so called State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) chairman Senior General Than Shwe emphasized non-disintegration of the union and non-disintegration of national solidarity, to direct to the seven steps road map and so on in the 'New Light of Myanmar' on January 4, 2009. It has been questionable that without the full swing exercise of Union Independence, how it is said non-disintegration of union of Burma and national solidarity in nuisance.  

As seen that, ethnicities have been en-caged /bound with such great wall of three principles namely union matter, ethnic solidarity, and perpetuity of state sovereignty as its ruler to judge any scene of ethnic move without any excuse in the formation and implementation of Burmese dominion over all in Burma. There have been enacted of taken into granted of exercising such principles as a way of keeping independence of this country upon citizens under the power of a ruling junta.

This is how Ne Win's unitary policy has been inherited down up to the level of the regime's ruled unitary union under the same goal of formation of majority domination over its minority in this country.


As unitary independence of Burma has been occupied by one regime to the other under the same target till a ruling regime, the true independence of this soil will be reestablished as it has been meant for from the time of such agreement made at the dawn of the era of civil independence between the Britishers and our leaders to be formed Burma as union of Burma.

The regime has not been independent from the crafty and greed of wealth, power and sovereignty. On the other hand, the civilians are real masters of union independence so, not being left all such entire matter of independence upon the regime any more, whoever citizen is or wherever you are, rather the citizens, being the real masters of our independence, be revitalized and responsible now onward for the enhancement and revitalization of the norm of union of Independence of Burma being chronic under the harassment of the rule of regime.