We Are Born for Survival

Today we live in the postmodern world where there are so much of changes, developments, technologies, philosophies, systems, thoughts, rights, justice, transparency and so on and so for being woven in our social-economical-political lives.

When gazed upon the international communities, it is prevailed that civil and open systems having been shaped all the living with full swing of each individual right and responsibility so long as one is still a citizen of one’s country. 

Yet the entire picture of the country of the junta-ruled nation, Burma (Myanmar) is perverted from the UN consensus till this 21st century. Here it is clearly seen the cry of the dejected ethnicities for their safely survival due to the militarization of the junta by establishment Burmanization which has been materially introduced by U Nu, the first Prime Minister of the country.

On the matter of that we the Kachins are keen fully and badly alienated for our even survival today. I reality or in fact we have been never betrayed upon our nation and every citizen of it rather we have been faithfully served this nation and the citizen of it with our strength and even lives since this nation has got its independence from the British colony. 
Yet till today we are violently and inviolately extinguished by the junta. There are so much of systematical proofs how to activate anti ethnicity especially the Kachins which is the primal policy of the junta towards each ethnic group by implementation of expansion their power all over the Kachin state soon after the ceasefire agreement made the junta and the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO).

Even though we the Kachins are boldly envisaged our bright future where the federal union would be materialized as it has been our agreement in the formation of the union of Burma under the leadership of General Aung San, our lives (Kachins) are completely alienated from all corner of our social-educational-political livelihood.  

It is shown that whatever and whoever alienates one’s life is his/her enemy so that one is not able to live as he/she is. Instead the life is harshly treated at all the time of his/her life. In this way whoever is not supposed to live freely is same as death one so that his/her life seems to be meaningless.

Today our lives, our land, our religion that is Christianity, our history, our tradition, our race and our livelihood are horribly alienated by the junta in the formation of their Burmanization in this nation.  

For instance land confiscation, discrimination among our own Kachin groups, rape case, military educational system, religious discrimination, bribery system, militarization, violation of human right, killing, drug smuggling, moral attach so on and so for are being practiced by the junta especially toward we the Kachins. Ultimately the political right and federalism for our Kachin state has been alienated by the junta itself recently. 

Therefore since we are born for survival it is our right to fight for our survival so long as we live knowing the fact that whoever/whatever alienate our survival is our common enemy. When one’s right is alienated it is meant that the truth, democracy, UN led principles, God the creator … are also alienated at the same time along with the one who is directly alienated.  

According to the UN declaration of Human Rights that fight for one basic survival is right and must. It is not politics yet it is the responsibility for the entire citizens who have been alienated for their survival. Therefore dear Kachins form both inside and outside of our mother land now is the time to stand for our survival.

Otherwise there will be no identity of our Kachinness in this world under this military rule/system. Now is the time to fight for our survival together. Because at this moment our priority is our survival that also the common goal of the citizen or the world as it is noticed.

But our survival is Kachin’s survival and for that every individual Kachin has right for it and be responsible for it. NOW IS THE TIME TO STAND, TO SPEAK, AND TO FIGHT FOR OUR SURVIVAL TOGETHER.