Junta's compulsive plot for pseudo-referendum


The Burmese military regime has been playing dirty politics to prolong its rule by replacing it with a pseudo- democratic system in Burma without the consensus of the public.

Ibrahim Gambari, the special UN convoy of secretary Ban Ki-moon recently explained to the military regime the constructive and obligatory mandates given by international bodies for a smooth change into democracy in Burma even as it seeks approval for the draft military based constitution.

Unfortunately no citizen was been actively granted the innate right of political cooperation in the drafting of a democratic constitution for the formation of a civil nation. Since this country has come into being under British rule upon the essence, value and principle of united Federal Union of democracy, it is the right and high time to vindicate to whom this country is indebted to -- whether the coup regime or faithful public in the process of transformation of dictator rule to civil rule in this country. Abandoning the care and help from inside and outside Burma the regime foolishly presses on with trying to legitimize its rule with the draft constitution being put to pseudo-referendum in May.

The political philosophy of the referendum is never for the entire political benefit of a handful, a group or a party or the military regime according to Britannica encyclopedia. Rather it is to be played as a judge on the course of the proposed law, constitution, governing policy and legislation that there is another right of making civil democratic nation by the public. According to what the regime has been concentrating and stressing on the referendum, it is preplanned, prearranged, and will be enforced in terms of expression of liberty of one's wish, will and desire on that day instead.

When I was told by one SPDC sympathizer that the regime has arranged the system of how to express one's will generally and how to count ballots particularly, it is confirmed that on the day of referendum it will be just proving one's attendance to be witnessed upon what the regime has already collected in terms of the figure, census of population from every village, town, city, state since February. As usual the regime is implementing, barrel-ballot -policy, in order to rob the entire public ballots with its gun. No civilized nation is established with the attitude and spirit of fearfulness.

Yet that nation is built by the spirit of freedom from fear, spirit of justice, peace and liberty. Today public politics as well as a democratic system of citizens who are not afraid would be laid civil nation In Burma. Ballot comes not from regime's barrels but from the inner spirit which loves justice, freedom, and peace. Prove that those ballots comes from one's heart, spirit is most powerful than the ballot from the barrel.

The top-down policy of the regime is once again depicted in whatever principle and business it does for legitimating the newly drafted constitution. Naturally conducting a referendum is not necessarily, the "must" and "legalization" upon drafting the constitution enforced and prescribed by the regime towards the people. Rather it is a decisive platform where the nation's conflict is to be solved directly by the ballots made by voters. From last week there has been public awareness practical programme of detailed system of giving one's will on a ballot upon the proposed constitution across Burma by respective referendum committees. By looking it seems that the referendum would be transparent and genuine as shown. Yet without knowledge of the proposed constitution made by regime how is this referendum logical for the public.

The thing is that the public is blocked from information especially the issue of proposed constitution whether by printed material, TV and radio. Conducting the referendum without providing such materials and without thoroughly digesting the proposed constitution is really insulting the civilized public in this age. This reason it is not tolerable. Therefore democratic referendum officially declares civil virtue and civil value of the public, yet the coming pseudo-referendum is reflecting an uncivilized attitude of the regime in the midst of the civilized world. The fact is that referendum from the bottom heart of one's will shape a civil one than the top down one of a totalitarian/centralized one that leads total corruption and disintegration.

The centralized new constitution is obviously focussed towards all regimes' ceased fire groups that make them in turn enemies of the regime. Even the KIO/A the backbone of Kachin politics has declared its non cooperation regarding the selfish referendum. The fact is that KIO/A has never committed any mistake towards the central government before as far as political issue is concerned for the materialization of democratic nation in the history. Yet the regime had completely denied whatever political proposal of Statehood has been given.

Moreover the denial of the 19-point ethnic constitutional proposal shows the regime's policy of abandoning the democratic principle laid down by Gen. Aung San and other ethnic public leaders at Panglong. Being publicized national solidarity in Burma so far there is seen a single deed practically in such a way that regime has given its leadership since 1962. Don't dream at all that without ethnic and state federal legislation are granted in the constitution, there would be no national solidarity in this country. Indeed all this reminds of KIO/A had been denied for the solution of political problem committed by the regime, it is the prime time to find out otherwise.

On the other hand, probably it is the situation KIO/A political platform is turned to civil and people's politics of Kachins and non-Kachins of the state. Since in the process of KIO/A politics tend to exercise at the course of KIO/A's the most powerful, Vice-president Nban La Awng declared KIO/A the revitalization of Federal Democracy as its ultimate political stand during recent 57th KIO/A armed revolution day at Laiza, KIO/A won't associate with whichever policy that encourages against such democratic principle. The current regime's politics is very radical and totalitarian like Nazism and Communism when the newly drafted constitution is concerned.

Therefore KIO/A would stand very decisively by this time of regime neo-totalitarian-democratic system to be approved by conducting a preplanned referendum in May. This time the regime is producing a most dangerous policy of isolated democracy and likely the regime itself is identifying another Asian state terrorist. Of course no one is breeding such danger by direct and indirect support of giving ballots in the referendum the moment one who knows who is who.

Therefore it is the prime time to recognize and to differentiate state terrorism and not state terrorist by one's heart, intellectual, deed, spirit, and wisdom if one really love his/her future generations of this country. In this time armed groups have been turning their tendencies of trends toward democratic army who are to fight against a common enemy; state terrorist as played left wing while civil democratic group fight with non-violent political moment in every level of age currently in Burma.

In this crucial time, KBC, the biggest Kachin body from one aspect has committed to rise up where there is just. Being a Christian community KBC members leading by theirs shepherds/pastors has obligatory to do what God is willing is right. In fact there is the Christian concept of social politics which is beyond human politics constituted in state. There is the essence of democratic concept of group of each and every member in order to stabilize the best of human characteristics.

For meeting and resolution of fundamental human needs just society is to be formed by way of serving God faithfully. Though a handful of KBC topmost leaders play as sympathizers of the regime, God won't allow us if Christians are supportive of the regime rather than justice in this referendum. Because totalitarian based military handmade proposed constitution is arranged for the purpose of empowering a handful of the regime's political power without freedom and independence for the public rather abolish this nation in place of integration for Calvin.

Therefore this is not the time for KBC's Christianity to commit another unforgivable sin by giving supportive ballot in this referendum. The fact that Christianity's decisiveness is for the requiring public policy rather being surrenders under state terrorist if Christian believes the mandate to be a channel of blessing even for other nation (regime). There is a word of contextual Kachin Christian theology fighting for the truth on this soil.

It is "God won't allow/tolerate if Christian Kachin are unjustly treated by ruling ones, likewise as further implied that, "God won't allow/ tolerate if His children, Kachins commit a sin by not standing with the truth and not leading God's people in the right track specially in this referendum." This is the time for Kachin Christians to whom we worship and who our God is, whoever worships God is blessed to express the truth during this referendum.

When we generalize the opinion upon conducting pseudo-referendum, there are mainly two groups; the supportive and not supportive one of the referendum. Majority would agree what you and I are really needed and wanted today when we talk about referendum frankly. There is no one who does not hate centralization; power comes from the barrel of the gun, the state who in turn becomes state terrorist, and the state that shapes military dictatorship.

There is no ethnic solidarity, peace, liberty, freedom, justice in current drafted constitution, the disciplined democracy, initiated by the regime yet in civil democracy alone. The regime's plot of legitimizing the new constitution is being implemented by ways of power from barrel, money, wealth, prearrangement of ballots, by force collecting census of qualified voters since February to be included or counted as pre-ballots, counting voters under 18 as special condition from SPDC's party and other pre mischievous arrangement for the entire country to be celebrated through the regime's pseudo-landslide victory.

Yet it is very simple and wise that expression of one will in the referendum be decisive when every voter implies the "answer from the heart" rather than a rational answer from the head alone. The principle of inner heart will revitalize and restore the Republic of Burma. There will be strategic termination for whoever lives by creating a cunning plot for its own benefit.