Kachin church leaders support Satan

Christian leaders representing several denominations who have set up their headquarters in Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State in Northern Burma should be indebted to lakhs and lakhs (1 Lakh = 100,000) of members and lead them on the right track socially and in political turmoil.

After the recent referendum and after declaration of results where 92.4 % were said to have approved the constitution by the regime, the lukewarm thought of fighting against injustice, lack of democracy, and dictatorship of the majority of Burmese Buddhists has ended with irresponsibility and favouritism by top Kachin Christian leaders by favouring the regime. Saying that “Even though had we voted the way we wanted to it would not have yielded the right result; therefore it is no use voting 'No' rather vote 'Yes' or be absent,” several top Christian leaders had said.

At the same time “if we knew the regime would lose we would surely cast 'No' votes,” Christian leaders said. Christian leaders are being reprimanded by Kachin youths for not opposing whatever plan, project and principle is implemented by the current regime. So far there has been no inspiring leadership for a socio-political struggle of the people under the regime.

Meanwhile Kachin Christian leaders representing several Christian denominations once again compromised for material bribe of oil and rice worth 39 lakh Kyat given by the newly appointed Kachin state or Northern Command commander Maj-Gen. Soe Win, during this week during his campaign.

This campaign has been launched as his main and strategic mission following his appointment in Kachin state. Soe Win targeting the Kachin Christians being in the majority.

Even former commanders like Kyaw Ba, Saw Lwin, Kyaw Win, Maung Maung Swe and Ohn Myint did the same thing for political expediency with the help of Christian leaders though not from the very beginning but after some years of assuming office.

It has reminded us that Christians are being friendly with him or he is monitoring and wooing Christians.  It is to be kept in our minds that Soe Win is coming not because he wants to help lessen the deprivation, but because he has been ordered by the junta.

At this juncture it is time for Kachin Christians being in the majority in this land to keep an eye on Maj-Gen. Soe Win and his military administration's activity.

Otherwise Kachin Christians would be exploited once again for power building of the regime and the family of Northern command commander seeking greater promotion as was done by his predecessors. Whatever it may be the principle of intimacy between the Northern commander and Christian leaders has to be found not on the policy of selfish business, security for a few, power sharing among colleagues, power building etc.., instead it has to be for the security, the prosperity and the political stability of all the inhabitants of this land and beyond.

It is a crucial time that wills that the silent culture of Kachin Christians would lead to liberation from under the evil dictatorship of this regime. Meanwhile during Maj-Gen. Soe Win's mission, Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) and Roman Catholic Church (RCC) have been recognized among those denominations and were invited to the gathering at St. Columbian Roman Catholic Church on July 2.

Leaders of representatives’ namely Rev. Paul Naw Tawng, a General Secretary of KBC and Father Naw Din of RCC, delivered speeches for several minutes representing each denomination. According to certain leaders it has been said that ‘the offer to make speeches has come only to recognized denominations like us by the government.’

Even then there were only positive comments and encouragement to the regime and the arrival of the new Northern Commander in their speeches. In fact the distinctive offer of making speeches along with extra recognition of KBC and RCC is not a privilege and an opportunity such as those leaders think and accept as the need of their families, churches and office.

For the leaders in our context the recognition by the authority ought to be the forum, the platform, the court where the truth should be sorted out, the right of the weak is advocated and the witness of accused is being verified or ratified in order to find out the right sort of diagnosis of the void, and the diseases.  Likewise being the agents of the entire Christian community of this land they should have brought the common issues that the ruled are dying for.

Yet it seems our Christian leaders are almost satiated and content by what they have been offered. On the other hand the recognition has to be played with responsibility, loyalty being the agents of the ruled and the oppressed leaving behind the trick of making the leaders to be the regime's sympathizers as far as they are in need of them in the process of power strengthening.

In relation there is a thought to be reflected upon on the flexible and compromising response of Christian leaders upon the conspicuous superstitious military policy of governance in Kachin state by the regime.  Of course there has been no proactive voice of Christians' to last September's civil strike due to sky rocketing  price of basic commodities particularly gasoline.

In deed we the ethnic Kachins have been integrated and surrounded with those several great religious and armed organizations which have been founded for the truth and better security, social-political stability and prosperity of this land and its citizens.

Whereas no religious organizations like the KBC, RCC and armed groups have been firmly standing on the side of the citizens of the State orientating the Federal democratic materialization in the State except the Kachin State National Congress for Democracy (KNCD) which has been the one and the only State level political party with the spirit of National and Federal Democratic norm, which has diligently stood and spoken the truth for Kachin citizens since the time of the 1990 multiparty elections.

Therefore, should leaders who never stood and advocated for the oppressed be honoured?  Rather the leaders or representatives have in-turn embodied the principles of the authority and are becoming the bond-agents of the regime to be used for political profit of the Northern Commander Maj-Gen. Soe Win in one way or the other.  It is time to be wise as leaders to combat the cunning policy being implemented on us, the strength of the ruled, and the truth abided by Kachins.

To be straight it is not to inherit the heredity of being dependant on the Northern commander's recognition, favour, offer of right and goods as is usually done. The campaign of the Northern commander among local Kachin Christians would be constantly bamboo-shooting in these two years before the regime's planned election in 2010.

In this crucial time the role of Christian leaders will hopefully be exercised among their members so that the global as well as our struggle for transformation of the system of rule in this country will succeed.  Nay, this is our land where there is everything we need despite whatever the Northern commander's treat may be.

The leaders of religious groups ought not to be the only prospectors of what the new Northern commander offers and compromise with his policy. Rather they ought to be the agents of motivators, the power of the transforming initiators, and the nuclear bomb of the oppressed on the mind of the commander instead.

So that the leaders would in-turn play the role of the truth as it has been advocated in the State.