KIO's politics may turn to Kachins' politics (A special article for Kachin Revolution Day)

I. Introduction

At this moment KIO/A is into costly celebrations of the landmark occasion of the 47th anniversary of KIO/A's armed revolution day in its General Headquarters Laiza, along with its comrades and VIPs from the Kachin communities. The northern commander Gen. Ohn Myint and his colleagues were invited. In fact the KIO/A being the armed organization was founded for socio-political combat on being denied the political means in particular for the survival and human rights of the Kachins due to and by the central bureaucrats' manipulation of the Union Supreme authority as an Unitary means towards the states and their citizens in Burma.

Recently Burma celebrated the 60th anniversary of its independence from the British colonists thundering that this is a golden country where no civilized value is being preoccupied and precipitated in the ruling enterprise of the regime. Whereas, on the one hand, the regime is roughly working towards its seven steps set up the 104 principles based Road Map, the Burmese Buddhist democratic monarchical systems by the vital help of ceasefire groups actively led by the KIO, who seem to be allured to be granted the position of vice president II in the new government body soon to be formed by means of a single party process though multi-party democratic nation is being declared.

Meanwhile there is no impression or rather any encouragement to the KIO's politics that always centers on the regime's worthless democratic principle and its politics rather than the Kachin people's politics. In this juncture, the grand 47th KIO/A's armed revolution day is being celebrated for four days in Laiza.

II. The birth of the revolutionary spirit of KIO/A and its key political nature
It was the decision of the founding 'Seven Stars' of the KIO/A, one of them is still alive in the KIO on the advice of Malizup Zau Mai, to resolve the social-political turmoil unfortunately confronted by the Kachins. The certain source by the author of "Kachin Chronological History," H. Naw Awn writes that the Seven Stars was founded by some of Rangoon University Students led by Lahtaw Zau Tu around 1957 and so forth.

The Seven Stars was formed in order to found the Kachin armed group to regain the loss of political rights being constituted and signed in Panglong for the formation of The Union of Burma under one accord of that is the Federal Union of Burma. Aware of the fact that the central government's betrayal upon the Pang lung agreement, the genocidal campaign through Burmanization, homogenization and Buddhanization towards the Kachins, manipulation and exploitation of Kachins's land for the profit of U Nu and his colleagues, the Seven Stars formed the KIA.

The first leader was GOC Lahtaw Zau Seng who was withdrawn from being captain in the Karen Army, and the eldest brother of Lahtaw Zau Tu, the founding leader of the Seven Stars. This is what the nationalist university students initiated --- armed revolution against the regime's rule and what had it done towards the Kachins without thorough consultations with the Kachin people. In this way without the full the knowledge of the Kachin people and the five Kachin regiments the Kachin armed group was formed and was called the KIA without much support and much help.

The Kachin Independent Army (KIA) was formed against misconduct, monopolization of state power and not exercising the 1947 constitution by the government rather the political tendency of solving our crisis on the basis of the Federal Democratic means as rightly formed in Burma. This is the intention of taking up arms, except that a political gap was created between the Kachins as a whole and KIA/O in particular till today.

III. The KIO/A's struggle for independence
The KIO/A fought for sovereignty from the yoke of General Ne Win's regime. This principle of KIO/A's politics had to be to be harvested. The early session of KIO/A's operation was the strongest armed fight in Burma. The goal could have been accomplished as the KIO/A set out from the long before provided common goal of the group which was Independence. Yet there seemed that there was common dilemma of its goal laid by the leading generals.

Moreover there was no way of full support from the public of Kachin being ignorant of the politics whatever federal or independent one that is to be fit with the Kachins. Provided the people of this soil had promulgated such set political principle to be formulated well, there would have been gained the target placed by the KIO/A long before by means of the unanimous effort of the Kachins. The fact that the missing of the point of Independence of KIO/A is not just a matter of inability of the armed group and its implemented strategies and tactics of attack towards the regime alone, it was a matter of political issue being applied by the group.

It is thoughtful that so far there is no supreme victory of a single battle in this world under any imperialist military regime of Burma unless there is common war of the people those who really long for their independence. When there is victory on any peoples' war, for instance people war of America, there is skillful and strong army in general and beautiful politics in particular and sometimes both interpolate vice visa in peoples' common struggle.

IV. The KIO/A politics degraded down till at the stage of a Federal Union
This ought not to be the major business of KIO/A as an armed group when the people of Burma do activate their federal democratic politics as democracy is for the people and by the people. It is known that the federal road has been the set goal of the group since the early 80s and such function had reached its peak in Burma when the democratic election was held in 1990 and the constituent realm of political game was highly rendered by Maran Brang Seng, former KIO's chairman.

This is how Maran Brang Seng took up his position as a public leader who stood for the Kachins as well as for the citizens of Burma. Of course he did not mean that the KIO has been neglecting to line in the federal principle initially pioneered by former president of the KIO, Mr. Maran Brang Seng. As the key principle is the democratic means of solving and cessation of social-political crisis and problems in Burma and in Kachin in particular. Indeed, the KIO's ceasefire agreement has been made with the view to political means of solution to be implemented.

The KIO has been waiting for political dialogue for almost two decades after the consensus of ceasefire with the regime without gaining any political benefits for the Kachins. Till today, even the regime yielded that the promise that "KIO can talk political issue with the incoming democratic government later, and since the regime is not in that position. It is the right time to do development in its special region wise for the time being with this present junta as long as they are as it is" that is what the Kachins have been known.

Despite such knowledge the regime pressurized KIO to attend the National Convention and have a political dialogue on behalf of all the Kachins by no means is the regime a legitimate new democratic government of Burma. Moreover, the regime cunningly creates KIO/A as a group without arms as it wants it to be just a Kachin Development Party. In this way, the regime has denied and violated federal laws.

No doubt that federal tract of politics has been the only way for all in all solution of political turmoil for both Burmese and states' citizens being strongly convicted by Maran Brang Seng. On the other hand federalism has been alienated by a handful of dictators as if federalism seems to be propagated as a destructive weapon and tools of neo-colonists to be avoided to implement in Burma for over generations and generations.

Indeed the federal concept of politics has been the only and the best principle where the states could meet in the formation of the Federal Union of Burma in the political history of Burma that there are other means of political ways of solutions. Even at the moment the United Nations is strongly believed and recommend with its mandate that the social-political turmoil of Burma could be solved in implementation of the Federal democracy particularly by means of tripartite since the time of Kofi Annan.

Meantime, in this era each and every of civilized society is extending the concept of federal norms for establishing and solving of the one's problems as a criterion. Moreover this weapon is the only tool which can fight away all evil dominion over one's nation, society and country so that just, liberated, and equal society can be formed. Yet the regime of Burma seems never consider thinking that KIO/A has been one again practically proposing the key mean of federal principle on behalf of all Kachins to solve the entire socio-political crisis faced in Burma till just before the ceased fire agreement signed between them.

Actually the degradation of the political stand of KIO/A till the stage of Federal Union is very political when we recapitulate its teaching according to Jean J. Rousseau's The Principle of Political Right (1762). Though political way of solution invited the regime rather more reinforces and committees its militarization in the Kachin State and implements its four cut policies (cutting of lives, cutting of economics, cutting of information and cutting of roads ) towards KIO/A and the Kachins even after ceased fire agreement signed.

It shows that the regime is still rejecting the KIO's proposal of finding the solution through political mean. Then who will advocate as master of federal means since KIO's political proposal has been rejected by the regime yet there are much of advice and saying that it is the best way that the only federal principle will definitely lead us till our goal in this civilized era.

V. The political crossroad for building of Kachins' nation in the midst of tendency of any political principle to be inaugurated and enacted thereby
In this session being a citizen of this soil the author would impart his vision that there are tendency of variant political realms or status where the KIO and the Kachins would adopt very soon after the 47th anniversary of the armed revolution day of KIO/A. Because the time is rung up to make a certain political decision to be uphold for the common struggle of people of the Kachins with one strength, one goal and one accord that has to be immediately complied out not just because of the time or the rest are compelling us to be but this undertaking ought to be because of we are exercising as the Authors and masters of this land in terms of taking up its responsibility and managerial appointments.

On one hand as it has been the nature of the military regime there is so much of military and other pressure upon the KIO/A thinking and persuading that the only KIO/A would represent for the affair of the whole Kachins as General Aung San did the same thing to some his handpicked Kachin Duwas like Sinwa Nawng, Zau Lawn and others.

In this way the regime is giving much pressure upon the KIO/A with harsh military pattern and smooth persuasion by power, wealth and development yet not by the political means so far since the ceased fire agreement has been signed between KIO/A and the regime. Having been recapitulated that the political scenario where the Kachins are living right now, the following political trends will be imparted to adopt either one of in developing Kachin nation of so long as the country is being flatted under this military regime.

KIO's politics is being pressured towards the level of Kachin Development Party
The regime has given much pressure upon the KIO/A as just a Kachin Development Party (KDP) so that all the KIO/A shall be rich in wealth for the time being as planned. Yet the regime won't tolerate the political and military solution of KIO/A in case needed at this level of trust and of friendship built between them. Definitely sooner or later one way or the other the regime will materialize its plan by supporting the KIO/A in terms of food, salary and other means without solving the political problem first.

This is how the termination of the KIO/A is publicly seen their clear destiny because the political vehicle being ride is leading them all to that terminal. Then could the politics of development of this regime solve the political problem of the whole Kachins? Paul E. Sigmund points out that there is real and full swing of development after establishing national liberty. Hereby seen that the regime manipulates the KIO's politics to be turned and forcibly exchange into just development.

Indeed, having been played of much and often unlimited power and of sympathy over the KIO/A in various means directly by the Northern Command commander Maj-Gen Ohn Myint and Naypyidaw recently, it should has been comprehended and calculated that the KIO/A is rolling its political enterprise under the administration of the junta in term of policy under the beautiful words of development. Yet, we, the Kachins, indeed are in need of political solution rather than development being not political means.

Independence could be re-strengthened and revitalized
It had been the first commitment made by KIO/A and fought for it for over decades and decades. Since disposed that the regime doesn't please to solve such political chaos in Burma. Supposed that the regime is still rejecting the political solution with the federal democratic principle in Burma, there is another means of knocking out such problem by fighting once again with arm till the Independences is attained. This principle could be possible because the Kachin led and signed Panglong agreement on the basis of formation of the Federal Union, Burma.

Before the Kachins and Kachinland was never under any other domination. This trend is undeniable especially for those who are being oppressed, like we, the Kachins. Since freedom is demanded for all and the people (Kachins and Kachin-citizens) not for the individual statehood Independence could be possible when the majority preoccupied the spirit and the capacity of obedience the general will; the nature of will of freedom of each individual for Rousseau. Here the only we are in need of such principle are that provided the Independence is the common goal of the Kachin from the military yoke, we ourselves have to be exercised and called for speed for the support of the prevailing laid principle.

No nation is happy, prosperous, developed, educated, civilized and so forth under any military dictators today. Therefore this is the prime time for the Kachins to be scrutinizes our political principle under this regime. Once one of the Kachin senior pastors said that there is nothing improvements so long as the Kachins are tied together by mean of federal union with this regime for more than one generation or his generation. Likewise if we are still with the regime even now no profit would be gained for us as federal statehood mean rather there would be more crisis and problems.

Therefore be undependable Kachins in politics if we really want to become a great nation in this world. The principle and spirit of independence is not only arm revolution but also politics of the civilized citizens of the world in particular. Because we, the Kachins need true democracy where "All are equal as much in their ways of life and their abilities as in their opinions and wealth as Rousseau advocated." We the Kachins can't stay together with the regime who eradicates the democracy and pro-democrats.

People's politics under federal democracy
Supposed the KIO/A had emphasized its arm revolution with the grand standard target of federal democratic trend from the very beginning of its struggle there would have been established something federal nation from long before already.

Unfortunately or fortunately the people publics have seemed to have much been overwhelmed by the KIO/A's master "ism" that seems really disturbed and hindered the people's knowledge of survival politics of people politics of federalism for all. Rather the Kachin publics had been contented and satisfied upon what they had been entertained by KIO/A for a revolutionary generation and completely trusted and believed that one day the independence of Kachins would be visualized.

Even today the Kachin people, as simplest and innocence one, have been politically manipulated and cheated by the regime and today the Kachin peoples are in dilemma what politics to chose and where to go under the leadership of dishonest leaders and the dirty political game played by the regime. Nevertheless in this civilized era how could grasp the civil power by any oligarchy, a single party, military dictatorship any longer as an evil one. As the time has come that the people fight for their own destiny is unavoidable in the transformation process towards democratic society. As Burma has been formed under the consensus of federal democratic value this is the right tract to find out the right solution by people's undertaking of their own means that is very political and very human.

Moreover the United Nation mandate is made on the basis of federal means for the harmony and reconciliation to be reconstructed among political parties, the ethnicities and the regime since 1990. In this juncture, the author emphasis his focus on people politics of the Kachins as a whole for effective and democratic resolution of the generation prolong national political void in Burma.

Here one quotation in regard to how people's politics play the major role for the making of free and equal society with the same nature of rights that Man existed before society: this is Thomas Pain's self-evident point of departure. Therefore according to Pain "the individual's right to self-determination has thus been transformed into the fright to take part in the decisions of society. Society must operate for the welfare of all, just as the free individual worked for his own good" culminated by Herbert Tingsten.

Indeed we the Kachins never come forward together as a people movement not even once for the building of our nation remarked by Rev. Maran Ja Gun, public leader of the year 2007 according to KNG ( Here inspired how the just and democratic society is established basing on the individual spirit of freedom and individual right since man has been created by God, there is the innate and inborn value of each individual in formation of democratic society. This is how the society is being established with the power of people for long run.

The Kachins have been no attempt of people movement, people war, people politics, people determination, and people front in our national struggle form this regime so far except KIO/A's politics and war. Yet today we the Kachins are in need of national people war against any dictatorship in terms of politics and war if genuine federal democracy is our target to be achieved in this soil. So far there is no country and nation that which are defeated in their people political operation or fight and people war in western hemisphere and Asia continents as well till today.

Now is the time for the Kachins including all armed groups to open new political file of the Kachin national politics under the federal democratic principle in order to crackdown the military dictatorship and revitalize the genuine federal union in Burma. In this transitional turmoil of political crisis, digesting the fact that it has been discussed above the KIO/A may initiate for Kachin people politics and take up such principle in this prime time so that each individual and citizen of this soil can join in eradication of evil dictatorship prior to transform federal union in particular in Burma.

In this epitomes of critical pinpointing of the real scenario where the Kachins are struggling and being threatened by the socio-political situation created by the regime as it has been its nature and its task toward the Kachins in the history of Burma too. Being experienced ones especially in dealing with the regime since right after Burma independence, we, the Kachins get insight of what the regime would step next in politics whatever the international communities, including the UN have mandated that Burma socio-political havoc could be only solved by the standard norm of federal democratic principle.

On one hand, the role of the Kachin is very unique in aid of the sustainability and prolongs stability of the burning fire of military government in Burma. Even in the history of Burma and the world, the Kachins has been served from second and third position as guerilla fighters, Levite and rangers and commanders, Special Forces, military heroes especially for the fight against colonialism, fascism, and for the saving of this country from both inside and outside enemies as loyal citizens and soldiers of Burma.

We only fought for this country and the power stability of the Burmese regime as faithful ones yet no political privilege was significantly exploited by us thus far so as the Kachins are signed in Pang Lung. Yet nothing political solution has been welcomed though KIO and the Kachin often demanded for. Therefore in this crucial time, the Kachins, the people and the master of this land, are compelled to fight for the bright future of this country and Kachin State in particular by means of federal norm.