The good, the bad and the ugly (opinion)

We have clearly seen the cunning of the wicked military regime after the recent sham election, which distinguishes the wolf from the sheep.

The regime's road map to democracy is actually a road map to disaster for the country. The constitution, without the core principle of federalism and fundamental rights of the ethnic groups, is a recipe for civil war. The fact is true democracy never comes from the barrel of a gun, but from the power of the people.
The regime's propaganda machine injected fear into the minds of the people by portraying democracy as a demon and liberty as a sign of anarchy. The objective of their psychological attack is to disable the people's spirit of freedom psychologically and morally, so the regime can manipulate the will of the citizens.

As the battle for freedom seems to be imminent, we, the Kachin people, have to stand with the right side of history.

The military regime will probably launch war against the forces of democracy and the armed ethnic groups in the near future, in order to keep its crippling grip on the country. The war against the KIO/KIA (Kachin Independence Organization and its armed-wing Kachin Independence Army) will be war against the Kachin people as a whole.

We have witnessed the regime’s oppression and demoralization of the Kachin people for decades. We have seen many Kachin girls end their lives as prostitutes as a result.

No prosperous and peaceful Kachin land will emerge from the recent election, which was engineered by the regime’s 2008 constitution. The next generation will inherit a land in which the majority of Kachin people will languish in poverty. Since law and order are in the hands of militia leaders and drug dealers, who are getting involved in the government bureaucracy, the drug business will likely boom. Many Kachin men and women will drown in the sea of drugs.

We Kachin people have suffered enough. Our beautiful forests are being emptied; our crystal lakes and rivers are turning murky and drying up. Our natural resources are being plundered by the regime's cronies. Our fundamental rights have been ignored; our freedom of conscience has been abused, and our honesty and faithfulness have been exploited. This situation is unacceptable for the Kachin people.

The regime has already planted its supporters in our communities and churches, who lobby for the benefit of the military rulers. We need to be aware of them, and not be influenced by them. So called Kachin leaders have suggested the region is developing, and the people are enjoying peaceful lives under military rule. This is ridiculous and irresponsible. Mushroom massage parlors and karaoke bars do not necessarily indicate the region is developing. Almost every Kachin has witnessed human right violations, and sees racial discrimination, injustice and poverty in Kachin state.

It is disgusting when those who join hands with the government, which acts more like a gang of bandits, for their personal gain, try to justify their acts as being for the benefit of the Kachin people. History will judge them accordingly. It is every Kachin's responsibility to protect their God-given natural heritage from being torn apart by these bandits. We have to fan the flames of our desire for freedom and liberty, so we don’t get distracted from our cause. We also need to nurture unity and a national spirit, rather than divisive political ideologies. Beware, the wolves are wandering to devour us, while we are weak in unity.

We are seeing a ray of hope piercing the dark clouds of the growing storm. I believe democracy born out of federalism would be the best solution for the Kachin people, and the other ethnic groups. I believe the Kachin people will finally enjoy freedom by overcoming the regime's ugly deception.