Countless denial of Kachins in Burma

Despite assurances by the ruling Burmese junta of ushering in democracy, equality and freedom, practices such as the unabated principle of ethnic cleansing in the name of development, politics, and democracy continue.

There has never been any effort or a policy to solve the political imbroglio in Burma created by the coup by the Burmese junta since 1962.
The junta and its sympathizers continue to be condemned by the people and democratic forces inside Burma and abroad.

It is obvious that there is a total denial of Kachins, ethnic leaders and pro-democracy groups in the ensuing elections. It is a deliberate attempt at eliminating the tribal leadership’s role in the current political platform of Burma. But, the junta needs to remember the exclusion and elimination of tribals, ethnics like the Kachins is not the right solution for Burma.

But we know that the junta will be judged by the people very soon and it will reap as it has sown, it will not be able to avoid this.

Being a Kachin the Burmese junta has banned Mading Hkun Htu and other Kachin politicians from contesting the polls suspicious that they have tenuous links with the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO). There is no point of reference and it is just an excuse, as democracy does not belong to either the armed groups or the UN or the US or the National League for Democracy (NLD).

As a result, the junta is once again violating the "denial of the right to live of the Kachins" and "denial of the right of one and all citizens" of Burma through "segregation and discriminatory acts".

Therefore be warned that you the junta and its sympathizers have excluded them from the agenda of the election but it is not possible to eliminate the spirit of democracy and the continuation of the democratic battle in Burma.