Together we will prevail

As we are aware, Burma’s ethnic Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and Kachin people have already taken a historic decision and are about to embark on their stormy journey. We are all glad for turning things back on the right track. So this is the time we need to rally behind KIO and show our solidarity with them. It is also the time to set aside our differences, personal matters and give our moral as well as financial support to the brothers and sisters on the frontline.

Without a reliable organization, Kachin people will probably need to get permission even to go to the restroom. The so-called constitution will not only make the military junta last longer but provide it a license to oppress people as long as they want to. Since the so-called constitution guarantees no fundamental rights to Kachin people and other minorities, people in Burma will surely live in darkness and in fear and suffer under the brutal regime, generation after generation unless we can get rid of the corrupt system.
We also need to be aware and vigilant that the military's constitution is actually a trap with a hidden string, systematically set by the military junta and it is the main engine which will support its mechanism to implement Burmanization of Kachin people and other groups and re-establish the modern monarchy.

We have also noticed that the unseen weapons of mass destruction is more powerful, effective than the actual one by learning the lesson from the tragedy of how our young men and women died due to drugs and opium. This is one of the examples of how they have been carrying out a secret plan of ethnic cleansing of Kachin people.

The sham election will only give birth to villains and opportunists, who will perform dirty jobs under the umbrella of the so called constitution.

I would like to suggest to fellow Kachins, who live abroad, that this is the time for "action".  We better start contributing rather than shouting from the "green zone" in terms of supporting the Kachin national cause. Lending our hand to our people and KIO is essential and necessary in times of crisis and will speak louder than words. While Kachin people and KIO have been going through a critical and sensitive phase, we should be careful not to make any unhealthy comment or negative criticism towards any Kachin people and KIO except constructive and positive ones.

We have to remember that we Kachins overseas are similar to spectators watching a soccer game and need to recognize the fact that the players, virtually, know better than the spectators in terms of playing the game. It is important to all of us not to let the ship get wrecked in the middle of a political storm and not to give a single chance to our enemy to drive a wedge among us as they did before.

Those who side with the enemy will be judged by history and those who stand up for the sake of Kachin people and the future generation will be honoured by history. I would like to quote the famous saying “at the end of the darkness of the tunnel, there will eventually be the light". So fellow Kachins, lets fire up, together we will prevail.

Note: Shadan Du is neither a politician nor a political analyst.  He is just an ordinary Kachin who lives in Texas, U.S.A.