Is KIO for democratic war against evil democracy of junta?

Plot of neo-Burmese-racism equated to crime against humanity.

Burmese Prime Minister General Thein Sein’s statement threatening the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) with extinction reeks of radical fundamentalism of the Burmanization kind. It is a wild retaliation against KIO, to set an example for ASEAN countries.

The KIO recently released its policy and stance on the basic principles upon which “The Union of Burma” was formed at Panglong. The KIO’s statement has nothing to do with the prejudices and racial hatred towards the ruling junta. The regime has reacted because the KIO rejected the transformation to BGF and refused to surrender its weapons.
Then, what wrong has KIO done so far? Anyone would be doing the same as KIO looking at stability and prosperity of the Union. Then the question arises that who is Thein Sein? What Thein Sein is doing to KIO is the same as is being done to innocent citizens and pro-democracy activists.

The regime’s plots to eliminate democratic movements are listed below:

1.    The elimination of the Students’ Union and its democratic movement in University estate, Rangoon University by the order of Ne Win in 1962.
2.    The elimination of those students and citizens involved in the democratic movement during U Thant (UN General Secretary) in 1974 in Rangoon.
3.    The elimination of the “8888” activists during the countrywide democracy demonstration by Ne Win.
4.    The elimination and the cracking down on Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy-- NLD’s members during their campaign in Myitkyina (unsuccessful) yet in “Dipeyin.”
5.    The elimination and eradication of the Saffron Democratic demonstration firstly in Myitkyina then Rangoon and elsewhere in 2007.

For all democratic movements the regime has implemented the “principle of elimination” for the last six decades in Burma. It is certain that in the same way of their predecessors, the regime is using the same principle of elimination of democratic groups.

Thein Sein’s plot is the scheme of his cronies rather than the regime only. KIO has anchored and re-incarnated to re-constitute the Federal Democratic Union as founded, which is the fundamental principle of one and all citizen of Kachinland and across Burma.

Then, it indicates that there is no more predominant principle of KIO-ISM or Kachinism as before in accordance with its statements. Rather KIO has to commit to the full-fledged principle of democracy which has no racial and religious boundaries at all but for unity, peace, equality and freedom.

Thus, Thein Sein’s statement is questionable and critical for both groups, as to whether such subjective retaliation is to eliminate KIO-- or its means Kachins on a racial basis or KIO as a democratic force?

If Thein Sein’ s use of the term elimination of KIO or Kachin means as a race then, all the Kachins of the world have to take up this issue very seriously and there is nothing to do in return except oppose the Neo-Genocidal-Plot of Burmanization though military might.  Then there would be the flame of racial prejudice between the ethnics on one side and the Burmese, Buddhists on the other side.

This flame of hatred wills likely head to a lifelong-conflict between both in terms of religion, race, and culture.

Secondly, if Thein Sein’s means elimination of KIO as a principle, because it has been one of the bodies of democratic forces both inside and abroad then there is need to ponder. Then, if the ensuing elections which is just a change in uniform will bring the same anarchy to the nation with Pseudo-Democracy of Burmese Dictators and the same principle of the regime’s elimination of “others” in terms of political principle, races, religions, culture, beliefs would be resumed.

Then, KIO as the democratized body has to think wisely and smoothly, confirming such a plot of eliminating it before KIO further takes its decision to respond to the deliberation of the regime. Suppose the plot is confirmed then, the talk has to be both nationally and internationally on the plan and the reaction against such a plot until the result comes. The reaction against such a plot of elimination of KIO as a democratic body would be the right solution of the threat echoed by Thein Sein on account of the current global policy of the regime or the dictator who committed crimes against “the right to life, the freedom to exercise democracy and freedom and the right to elect ones’ government and its leaders.”

Then, how can one terminate democracy by means of terminating one while it is the truth and the principle of life rooted innately in everyone being the gift of God, the creator of the universe and all living being. Thus, the words of Thein Sein are violation of Human Rights and the basic principle of Democracy. As the strategies applied among the Kachin is to fuel inter-ethnocide (killing among/within tribes), there is also the plan to start ethnic clashes among Kachins as which he has been trying.

Therefore, KIO has to be wisely looked into this plot whether KIO would resume the past principle in which there was occasion to wage war on the basis of “Racial-Prejudice” between the Burmese and Kachins?  Or on account of Thein Sein’s plot of elimination of KIO, KIO as a democratic body, not reacting on the basis of emotional and racial prejudice anymore. The “Blessed time and space” has come to break war if it is necessary to “the fight against Pseudo/evil democracy” or “the fight for the truth that is Genuine Federalism in Burma” but is shouldn’t be the principle of the “fight against Myen (Burmese) and Kachin on racial basis.”

Thus, KIO as a body of democracy, there will be a war to be fought for democracy in order to restore it from “killing or eliminating democracy by the Regime toward ‘others’ in Burma. Genuine democracy will overthrow false democracy in its own time.