An actual federalist should not be foolish anymore


My dear citizens of the Union of Burma.

Do not be ignorant on the verge of the global era of democratization by way of uprooting any form of neo-colonization. The Burmese military regime has established its hegemony by playing with the lives and blood of innocent citizens of Burma, totally demolishing the federal principles of the Panglong Agreement.

Citizens of this nation, let's not demand such value (federalism) from the killer-regime in this era. Do not think that the regime will allow it to materialize. Be aware that pro-democracy forces have been struggling for federalism for almost six decades.

We have a positive mindset towards the regime to be spared crime against humanity in Burma. Then why don't we all join hands and save the regime by playing our role and initiating “federal democracy” not practicing the policy of "wait and see."

Thus, the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) statement made on the principle of federalism and peoples' sovereignty is indeed not a new thing among Kachins and others. But it is the reaffirmation of the KIO of the principle of federalism and the principle of security of federal groups.

Thus, our struggle is for federalism to be granted by the regime and federalism has to go by the actual principle of it.

If the statement is clear about that then there will definitely be space for all citizens of the country to exercise it. But there is a huge mountain of bias to proceed it (the military), which has chained the entire nation for six decades.

Then, how is the statement to be implemented in this situation of life and death? What will be the priority to establish a federal democracy in Burma?  Or shall we still hope that Aung San Suu Kyi will bail us out, while people are dying and she is under house arrest and there are about 2000 political prisoners, who support her directly or indirectly. And do we forget about the 60 million in the entire nation. Also questionable is the support by international communities to her and her party National League for Democracy (NLD) in ushering in democracy in Burma under military dictatorship.

This action is not justice and not fair when the talk is of democracy in Burma. Rather that tenet is a worst kind of bias for pro-democratic citizens in the country. Thus, your merely positive advice is just like "the gong of the foolish" unless the net action is incorporated positively along with the advice. It should also be public based rather than the exclusive principle engagement of the NLD alone.

Can we have faith on Suu Kyi's democracy in Burma?  The citizens have been always fooled over democracy till this day. How can we have democracy? Don't cast your responsibility to foes and friends in this struggle. Live, fight and form it but don't live for either the regime or others but cooperate with all those life-seekers in federalism within and without.

You are the actual federalist.

Rahkwi Hpung Awng is a political observer of Burma.