Special message of 4th Anniversary of RFA-Kachin
August 21, 2010
Chiang Mai, Thailand


The historic remark of the voice of the voiceless; the fourth anniversary of Radio Free Asia-Kachin

In the history of Kachin as a land and as the nation, today is the auspicious and blessed day for we humbly celebrate The Fourth Anniversary of Radio Free Asia Kachin. For which we give all glory and honour to our Almighty Karai Kasang who enabled the office bearers of RFA-Kachin all through these four years with his faithfulness, provision and care by means of all needs subsidized whether in terms of courage, passion, labour, pain, resources, and wisdom, on behalf of Kachins for the betterment of our future. None of the history of the nation seems to be inscripted by itself or rather without going through the paths of pain, hardship and service of sacrifice. In this occasion our joy, love, faithfulness towards the team of RFA-Kachin is cordially made along with our aspiration and dream for the better future as you passionately serve the Kachins in future.

1. The freedom entertains along with the news which is true and reliable
When we think about freedom in our context today, it is occupied with a question in our minds that are we free in all aspects of our livelihood as peoples of this land of course not forgetting the identity of Kachins today? Freedom is the act and consequent reaction on the news, which is reliable and true that happens and comes from the very source or incidence or event. Unless we, Kachins are able to respond to the news of truth accordingly in this age of information super highway era, we will always be under the manipulation and conformity with the wicked news which will rob the freedom God has given to us. We Kachins, as Christians by Grace believe the news which is the truth is good and which will show us how to respond to it for the emancipation from all kinds of bondage and slavery. We are happy because RFA-Kachin has been founded upon this rock as you serve the people, Kachins so far which has been a humble beginning for us to respond towards the situation of oppression, killing, dejection, rape, discrimination and so on being committed by the ruling junta and its elites in our land and beyond. Such hope, we believe, will lead the Kachins how to live and sculpt our own future every now and then.


2. Service through media
“It is high time that the ideal of success should be replaced by the ideal of service” Albert Einstein. Today the media plays in a very most important role in shaping the society which all the citizens are direly longing for when the media in terms of radio, press, it, book, and e-media and so on are being played with those who are committed for that. For which Kachin are not the prey of the media rather to be the owner of the media to be utilized for the benefit of ours as we are moving and marching forward to just society. One of the things most what the we are longing for today is the service for the community as a whole while there has been only self centeredness service between mutual beneficiary business and elites in Kachinland. Therefore, service by means of information, news, knowledge, alarm, and the fact is rendering one’s care and concern and is not just passing the information. Within the very novice of time of RFA-Kachin, we have acknowledged that there has been something success which you never achieved before and today it is once again Albert Einstein reminds us that what you have achieved in the past as the ideal one for even Kachins has to be again to be invested this time to service the people with new strength and committed service.

3. Media of Truth
As we tend to take the stance of truth and justice for the unpleasant consequence of  the fact that once the truth is exposed in life, it is a risky task to be always in the pursuit of truth. Yet we are tempted to make compromises and avoid as an alternative pattern of solving the crisis. In reality, such things leads us to despair in life because there will never be that one can solve the problem so long as one is engaged in wrong ways. The media is the forum where the truth about Kachin as peoples and the land is revealed, which is the reality. John Milton said “Give me liberty to know, to think, to believe, and to utter freely according to conscience, above all other liberties.” Here the concept of what we have and aspire in regard to the liberty of Kachins from military dictatorship is not wrong and it doesn’t come into being innately by itself yet the conscience of the dictatorship of the junta or injustice and power exploitation generates it instead. Therefore expression for the truth is not breaking any roles but it is expression for living as human beings. So far RFA-Kachin has been revitalizing the truth-value of Kachins through its radio media over four years. On the other hand, it can be said that it is also manifesting for the right of living in the midst of socio-cultural-political genocide under the regime. Once the truth is being unveiled in a particular space and time, it also shows the weakness of the victims and the oppressed. There is no way to live by oneself since there is no solution and help from any one. This has been the symbol of Kachins being determined in various ways under the yoke of the junta today.

In this day we once again remember how God has been faithful to us through the service of RFA-Kachin. Since it has been a humble spark of hope and light of the Kachins, the victims under the regime, we believe that the service it stands for is on the foundation of news of truth, good, love, care and will be rewarded one way or the other sooner or later when the time comes. As President Thomas Jefferson encourages “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time” we, Kachins believe that the God who procreated us through Jesus Christ will never allow us being denied freedom, of justice, of liberty and of democracy and human rights. This is our aspiration that there will surely be a just and peaceful nation if we live for the truth, the news of reality. For the service of such a mission as the RFA-Kachin has been doing thus far, we are indebted for the service by being the voice of the voiceless, the Kachins as a whole. We grace you all the RFA-Kachin office bearers praying that the voice of the voiceless may come as thunder of the truth all over heaven and earth for the new dawn for Kachins.