Regime's mindless anti-protest campaign begs for action by civilized society


It is no longer a strange phenomenon that the Burmese military junta stands poles apart from a civilized government with its planned revitalization of Burmese monarchical rule through Burmanization in Burma. Whenever there is a quest to find a democratic valuable heritage of the social system in Burmese history, nothing is seen of such norms which can be reconnected with the current wave of people based civil politics in the world.

Bush has been the target of the regime in enforced anti-democratic rally in Waingmaw (Wai Maw), Kachin State.

Though among a handful of military bureaucrats there is no broad understanding of the philosophy of a people's government, the innocent people of the country seek a civil- government for ultimate liberty, justice and security.

This fundamental perception and understanding of civil rule is knowledge intuited and learnt from life as long as one is surviving on this earth before his/her destined time of departure. Being firmed and devoted upon that belief as a social-political criterion for the public of this nation, the recent non-violent mass movement for democracy was launched under the leadership the 8.8.88 student leaders, the National League for Democracy (NLD) comrades and above all the monks across the country.

Despite wide publicity of the protests with the help of the high tech media of today, the regime launched a counter campaign against the right of the people who demanded democracy.

When analyzed the first public assembly ever conducted in Myitkyina, in Kachin State on September 29, 2007 for warmly welcoming the 14-year long National Convention based on the 104-militarized principles, what is seen is the blatant violation of the rights of innocent civilians who have longed for a 'people's government' since 1962, where the regime foolishly rejected the norms of democracy which is the greatest treasure of the United Nations and the only birth-gift from God to every citizen of the world.

Paradoxically, the regime forces civilians to join campaign rallies against the pro-democratic mass movement across the country after the regime cracked down unwisely on people and monks as if they were enemies threatening the junta in a battle especially in Rangoon, Mandalay, Myitkyina and elsewhere.

At the same time there have been a number of appeals, requests and demands to the junta to engage in tripartite dialogue with the NLD, ethnic groups and the regime at the UN's initiative to transform Burma into a Federal Democracy. There have been historic trips by Ibrahim Gambari, special convoy of the UN Secretary General Banki Moon, to initiate a pragmatic criterion for the regime to transform its system of rule into civil governance.

Yet there is no sign so far that the regime will enter into a dialogue with the neo-democratic wings. On the contrary there is continuous ill-treatment of the people where activists are arrested, threatened, dehumanized, put in jail tortured and killed. A couple of days ago there was the biggest preplanned counter anti-democratic demonstration in Waingmaw District, Kachin State with about 20,000 people forced to join.

The portrait of President George W. Bush was burnt up just before the ally was over.

The Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA), Maimaw and the special military branch under the Northern commander forced people to attend. Radical extremism was used by the junta's allies including U Minn Kyi, chairman of USDA, Waingmaw in condemning President George W. Bush by burning his portrait. It was the main agenda of the rally. We the local social-political analysts resolve firmly that this is a horrible sign of extreme anti-Americanism and anti-democracy. The regime is unwisely or foolishly challenging the United States and the rest of the civilized nations of the world because the regime is proud of aligning with China and India.

In deed the recently released reports namely, "The Valley of Darkness" and "Damming the Irrawaddy" documented by the KNDG confirm that the highest illegal capital of the military ruling enterprises of the Kachin State is being subsidized by Chinese gold opportunists, teak, jade companies, China Power Investment corps, and so on and so forth. These are creating an ecological crisis for fellow citizens of the country and the regions beyond, due to the manipulation and exploitation of nature. In this way the regime is exploiting public treasure and the citizens lose out on natural and basic resources for their safety and survival, especially the poor. Since the regime's nature of re- strengthening of their power establishment seems mainly dependant on natural resources rather than utilizing human resources for the sake of greed for power of a handful of dictators, our future is being sold. In doing this the regime is even killing our future generation which is an unimaginable thing for civilized people since sages still say that destroying nature is the same as selling our future.

In conclusion it is to be thought how and why the regime is challenging the United States and the rest of the civilized nations? And how long will the regime continue its state sponsored terrorism towards its own people? Dear fellow global citizen lets think about it seriously that soft words won't work, just words without action won't ever work in dealing with the foolish military dictators who have been killing its citizens for more than four decades in Burma. We, the Kachins have lost more than 50,000 lives in our armed democratic revolution. Then what will we be doing next without having a bright future right now! We do hope that establishing a civil society is not just preoccupation of one's struggle it is absolutely a common duty of every citizen who loves liberty, justice and security. Yet we are rejected under this regime but we believe that we are more than conquerors since we stand in the side of conquerors.

Hear the declaration of war against every civilized citizen of the world by the Burmese military regime!

Reference and word explanation:
1. Compare and contrast between democracy and Burmese Buddhism by Kyaymon U Taung, USA.
2. Myitkyina, a local Kachin dialect, is the capital of the Kachin state, northern Burma.
3. Waingmaw is located just along the eastern bank of the Irrawaddy river being opposite of Myikyina, where the local Kachin are inhabited as major inhabitants.
4. “The Valley of Darkness” has been released on the 10th January, 2007 and “Damming the Irrawaddy” has been released on 22nd October 2007 by the Kachin Development Networking Group (KDNG).

About the author: Hkahku Gam is an academic and a theological scholar. He is also a Kachin writer.